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If you are reading this you are probably searching for answers. 

Perhaps you need perspective, advice or guidance about work-life balance, personal development, mindfulness, creativity, building your confidence or just being happier. Or perhaps you are looking to improve the wellbeing programme in your organisation or school. 

We all have challenges and it's all too easy to lose sight of what puts a spring in our step and keeps us whistling zip a dee doo dah.

We often forget that we have a choice in life to be happy. My mission is to help with practical positive habits and techniques from CBT, and psychology to help you get happy and stay happy.

"Self awareness, and self acceptance comes first. Then we create a plan of action. Because only once you know where you are on the map, can you take the first step to getting where you want to go."

Klaus White 

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Meditating in Nature

The Back Story

I began my career as a teacher. My path led me to heading up a sales team in the conference industry and with working with brands including Coca Cola, Hasbro, Jaguar Landrover, and Mercedes Benz.


Major life changes in 2018 made me re-evaluate everything, and in 2019 'A Journal to Happiness' was created. The practical, small steps approach has helped tens of thousands of people across the world embrace the slow and steady way to be happier.

Whether you are an individual looking for practical answers, or you represent an organisation or school looking to improve your wellbeing programme then please get in touch to discuss the best approach for you.

"...if the steps you are going to take in the future take up so much of your attention that they become more important to you than the step you are taking now, then you completely miss the journey’s inner purpose which has nothing to do with where you are going or what you are doing but everything to do with how"


Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now



The wellbeing of your employees does not end when they are at home. 2020 and the global pandemic has shown us how critical it is to stay connected, happy, and fulfilled.

I work with organisations to help create a wellness programme that supports. guides, and nurtures each individual.


Contact me to discuss your needs. I can offer one-off sessions, or a longer programme which incorporates a regular touchpoint for ongoing support. 

School Kids


II am a qualified teacher PGCE and fully DBS checked.

My workshops within schools and education establishments are fun, creative. I implement practical drama, music and writing techniques to help children to take practical steps towards building confidence, understanding how their minds work, and offering tools to help deal with challenging situations.

Contact me to discuss a workshop specifically tailored to your class age-range, or whole school.

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